We all know that flights can be long and very tiring. Airlines offer in-flight entertainment together with their own headphones for passengers to use. But why lie, these headsets are never that good in terms of quality, performance, and comfort. That is why it is always a good idea to bring your own headphones on board your flight. In this article, we are going to review Sony MDR-ZX110, Sennheiser PXC 550, Sony WF-1000Xs, JBL Everest Elite 700, and Bowers & Wilkins’ PX Active, therefore, recommending the best headphones for airplane to you. Here we go.

Our Recommendations

Sony MDR-ZX110

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Few audio manufacturers can match Sony’s products and their capabilities when it comes to name recognition and market reach. With a brand name that has been carefully built over the years, this company is one of the few ones in the world that can sell headphones by the millions. Sony can thank this to a huge portfolio spanning different models that can meet any price range, from most affordable to the most expensive.

Among Sony’s on-ear models is the MDR-ZX110. This particular set of headphones is among the cheapest you can find on the market. The headphones boast of Sony’s iconic design, and is among the best selling headsets of its class in the world. So, does the device’s performance, sound, and comfort match the criteria of the best headphones to use during your flight? Here is your answer.

Even though the MDR-ZX110 carries forward the typical aesthetics that makes its manufacturer a popular headphone option, but the device falls short to some extent when it comes to build quality. These headphones are cheap and it feels so too. In fact when trying them out, we were worried about damaging it. That aside, the Sony MDR-ZX110 offers an immersive, full sound that is simply superb when it comes to Bass. Though its clarity and detail suffer a bit, those who prefer their music with bass won’t have much to complain about. For a cheap pair of on-ears headphones, consider the MDR-ZX110.

Sennheiser PXC 550

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Bose is considered as a business-traveler-manufacturer of headphones. But there is another company that is making Bose run for their money and this is Sennheiser. This is through their PXC 550 Wireless over-ear Bluetooth headphones. This pair of premium headphones also features active noise-cancellation.

Not only is the company touting this model’s sound quality, its strong headset performance that is great for making calls, long battery life that can last up to 30 hours, touch controls, and its customizable sound modes that you can enjoy through it’s iOS and Android CapTune app.

Among its pros are comfort, impressive noise-cancellation technology, and high-quality sound. To add to the pros, the PXC 550 Wireless is relatively light in weight, has good battery life, touch controls, and delivers excellent performance.

When it comes to its cons, this device is lacking that little bit of extra definition and sparkle even though its sound quality is excellent for a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Other than that, the Sennheiser PXC 550 delivers the sound quality, comfort, and performance a business traveler would need in a pair of headphones.

Sony WF-1000Xs

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The Sony WF-1000Xs is one of the best headphones a passenger on an airplane would want to use. You might have even seen it’s stellar reviews online on different websites. These in-ears noise-cancelling headphones have been designed to offer great sound, comfort, and performance.

Sony markets these headphones as “true wireless”. And when they say true wireless, they mean it. The earpieces for many wireless in-ear headphones are connected to each other by a cable that runs around your neck, but that is not the case when it comes to this device. The earpieces of this pair of in-ears headphones are connected to each other only by a Bluetooth signal, so you don’t have to worry about a cable dangling over your neck. Apart from that, the WF-1000Xs has decent noise-cancellation, is good with timing and Dynamics, produces balanced and detailed sound, and comes with a carry case that doubles as a charger.

At last, we are happy that someone has given us wireless in-ears headphones that are truly wireless.

JBL Everest Elite 700

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There are so many high-quality Bluetooth headphones on the market, but only a few come close to what top-tier wired headphones offer in terms of quality. But can the JBL Everest Elite 700 break this and be the headsets that finally beat the best wired headphones? We tried them out and here is what we can say about them.

These pair of headphones come in only two colors, that is, black and white. It features a simple but lovely design. On the other hand, the ear pads of this pair of cans are large and somewhat bulky. Other than that, they look relatively sleek.

In terms of comfort, even though the ear pads are large and bulky, they do not affect the headphones’ comfort. The 700 is very comfortable to the ears partially thanks to the foam on the ear cups. To top it all, the headphones fit tightly on your head and ears, helping in sound isolation.

The JBL 700 has an accompanying app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to control the EQ of the music being played and customize it as you wish. Cool, isn’t it? Apart from that, the headphones offer plenty of bass, have a 10-band EQ, and active noise-cancellation.

All-in-all, the JBL Everest Elite 700 is very comfortable, offers you the ability to customize your music through its app, and has a great sound even though it is a bit bulky.

Bowers & Wilkins PX Active

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Bowers & Wilkins’ have introduced their first pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, the PX Active, into the market. The main reason why they introduced this pair of headphones into the market is the lacking sound quality from Bluetooth streaming devices. This is according to them. The famous British audio company now offers those working in noisy environments and air travelers an option that is truly tech-packed thanks to the number of years they spent developing their own noise-cancelling tech and the implementation of the aptX HD Bluetooth codec.

We have been able to test all of the previous pair of headphones from Bowers & Wilkins’ and we can say without a doubt that the PX Active is not only astonishingly looking, but is also great in performance, sound, and comfort. The exterior of the over-ear is dominated with cold metal and supple leather, and on top of the headband and outer edge of the ear cups met by sleek texturing that exudes class.

The PX Active features a moderately audible Office mode and a superb noise-cancelling Flight mode. It also has a transparency mode that when turned up when facing someone who is speaking to you, their voice comes through very clearly. In the noisy environment of a flight, this pair of headphones does an excellent job fighting the noise.


Boredom is one of the things that makes a flying, especially in long flights an unwanted experience. But the good thing is we have a remedy, and it comes in the form of good quality headphones. We have been able to review some of the best headphones for airplane available on the market and come up with one that we believe tops the list. Bowers & Wilkins’ PX Active is so far the best pair of headphones for travelers. It has a sleek design, is comfortable to wear, and on top of it all, the PX Active has the best on flight and in office noise cancellation features.