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Chill Headphones

$ 14.99 $ 49.99

Chill Headphones
Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones Chill Headphones

$ 14.99 $ 49.99

Rich sound that's not too loud

Our volume limited on-ear headphones for kids keep those little ears safe while giving your youngster a truly magical sound experience. Their music, games and videos will come to life and transport them to another world. 

Chill Headphones

For interactive little lives

Chill Headphones are lightweight, super comfortable and are built to withstand even the toughest of playtimes. They come in 3 cool colors and have a built-in microphone that's handy for lots of apps or video chats with the grandparents. 

They're the best portable companion for home, school or travel!


  • Volume limited to 85db for your kid's ear safety
  • Lightweight, durable and really really comfortable
  • Built-in volume control and microphone
  • Foldable for school satchels
  • Recommended for 4 years and up
  • Also great for teens and adults
  • Comes in 3 cool colors: red, pink and black
  • Lifetime warranty


Definitely a great pair of headphones! We love them!
My little guy (age 3) absolutely loves these headphones! He likes listening to music on YouTube so I figured I'll get him a pair of headphones so he don't bother his brother if his brother is doing homework or something, well now the music dont bother his brother, his singing does lol I think it's so cute that all I hear is my little one mumbling trying to sing!

– Tiffany


Finally!! Good headphones, and perfect for kids!!
These are the best!!! In a house with 2 adults and 2 kids and a ton of devices, we have so many headphones. My oldest even needs a pair at school. But I could never really find headphones that were good for my kids, especially my youngest. They were never small enough, or loud/quiet enough, or comfortable enough. I almost gave up on the whole headphone thing, and then I got these! I swear, these Chill Headphones are terrific.

– Tiffany Mosack


Perfect for kids of all ages
These headphones are awesome! I have 4 kids ages 2, 6, 8, and 9. Each of them have ipads and they take them everywhere they go. They were using the little ear bud headphones but they were constantly falling out of their ears because they couldn't get them to fit properly.

– Georgina


Safe on the ears , Great on the Sound!
My 4 year old loves his new Head Phones as they are almost uniquely made for his little ears . As his big brothers have their own he now can play his favorite games and look at his lovely books on his e- reader without disturbing anybody else . They are very stylish and as a mom i think they are beyond cute . (We choose Red, his favorite color)

– Jugoslava Volz